AI services to assist humans and improve machines

Dedicated and passionate

Mentis is a mature company which brings together highly skilled tech experts and experienced consultants. We assist our customers with their business needs and their performances targets by fully maximizing their data’s value. We deliver the most effective solutions and customized approaches for each client. We aspire to continuously improve our knowledge and our methodologies, and grow both on an individual and a collective level with our client.

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R&D with Universities and LABs

Originally a spin-off of the AI department of ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Mentis puts a particular importance on Research and Development. We use cutting-edge technologies and algorithms to solve business problems. To stay competitive, we dedicate a large part of our budget to explore new approaches and foster innovation with various academic and research partners.


Our extensive experience in AI, Big Data & Data Science gives us a unique approach to adress your business challenges and leverage your data


Hiring and training AI experts is a long & costly process. Mentis brings you highly skilled talents to help you achieve your objectives.


AI projects often require building complex architectures with tailored tools. Mentis helps you define and build the right architecture for your business

Some of our valuable clients