Put AI in the center of your HR strategy
We offer you:

Data Scientist

Computer scientists with different levels of experience that are capable of harnessing your data resources and turn them into the best means of leveraging your business opportunities.

Data Engineer

Experienced scientists that build the right data pipeline to support your business objectives. Integration, consolidation and data cleansing as well as solid programming skills allow our data engineers to provide the best structure for analytics applications.

AI Project Managers

Experienced professionals that ensure your projects meet their objectives successfully, that your team works with adequate timelines and that work is carried out in a productive and positive way.

Data Architect

Senior scientists that help your organisation set up, create, deploy and manage the proper data architecture in accordance with your business needs; a key task in setting up any digital business strategy.

Data Analyst

Professionals trained to work with complex and diverse datasets in order to leverage its content in the best way to support your business decision making: a crucial support for running any modern business.

Software Developoer

Our junior software developers are trained to help your business in all stages of the development process from initial research to final testing of the output.

Mentis Academy

2 days AI/ Big Data Bootcamp:

You need to make sure your team member has a solid hands on knowledge on AI and Big Data analysis. Experienced PHD holding professionals can help provide the training you need. Our Bootcamp formula includes a day of theoretical teaching and one of practical contact with concrete analyses. Dowload our Bootcamp brochure to discover all the details

Training Business Decision Makers

You are in charge of bringing innovation to your business, but you need a broader knowledge in order to lead the project effectively? Mentis can host your decision-making team and train it to get a good grasp of what is needed to make your project achieve the right results. From short introductory sessions to a full day work-shop, download our Decision Makers brochure to discover all formulas.

3 hours on AI:

You need an introduction to AI solutions, tools and paradigms. Our experienced PHD holding professionals can host you for a quick triaging that equip you with the right base to start tackling the subject. Download our 3h AI brochure to discover what is included.